Friday, January 30, 2015


My blood type is AB+ and I am listed at Stum Memorial Hospital, Rochester NY. Please help me find a kidney donor!
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    Dear Donor:

    You have a heavy load to carry along your lonely path. It is not easy to save the life of a human being. Yet,... the last time I checked there were over 100,000 people looking for you. Not all of them will be suitable, but every single one of them live with the hope that they are your match, including myself. I pray and pray and pray to GOD that you match my blood type because I have chronic kidney disease (CKD) that has developed into end stage renal disease (ESRD). It is the critical stage of the disease when the kidneys do not work well enough, if at all, to sustain my life. My kidneys are now functioning at 14% of their ability. I’ve been advised by my doctors that the time has come for me to prepare to receive dialysis. I am terrified to face that life. Dialysis is a temporary treatment that will use a machine to keep me alive until a donor is found for me, except I do not want to be hooked up to tubes and machines and be forced to depend on the system to work properly. I want to connect to you, my donor, holistically. I want to know your name, I want to know the things that make you laugh and cry; and I want to know the LOVE inside of you that makes you become a donor to a woman like me. This is why I am setting up this page.

    I am 48 years old married with three children and two grandchildren. When I was three years old, my kidneys were damaged from a terrible infection. The damage that was done became clear when I was in high school as the scaring left behind from that infection slowly took away more and more of my kidney function. Since then I have been monitoring the slow decline of my kidney function week by week, year by year with the steadfast determination not to allow the quality of my life to be measured by those results. It is in my heart to live life to its fullest. To LOVE with all my might. Every day that GOD gives me is a day for me to fill with LOVE. It is a day that I choose to use connecting to my donor who has the generosity of all that which is kind and benevolent through this page. I want so much to know you. Please contact me here. If you have any questions, please do not leave with them. Please ask me. Let me help you find the answers about the donation process.

    In fact, kidney donation is a standard process. The donor is usually back to their normal self within a few days. Evidence reveals that those who become donors live their life span with one healthy kidney. Please take the time to contact me, to help me; to save me……PLEASE! My blood type is AB+ and I am listed at Stum Memorial Hospital, Rochester NY.